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Why is Now the Perfect Time to Build My Website?

Why is Now the Perfect Time to Build My Website?

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The economy is all over the map. Reddit is taking on Wall Street. The nightly news looks like a dystopian nightmare, and the pandemic rages on. Why on Earth would now be a good time to invest in a website?

Simple. Consumers are purchasing on the web in record numbers, and that e-commerce growth is accelerating. According to Digital Commerce 360, consumers spent over $861 billion (yep, that's a "b") online with U.S. businesses in 2020. That represents a 44% increase over 2019, and 2019 web sales grew 15% over 2018. 

Many brick-and-mortar businesses closed their doors and shuttered their windows amidst stay-at-home orders and diminished in-store traffic, but those that already had a digital presence tended to survive, and many thrived despite the adversity. The primary lament we heard from our customers was, "why, oh why didn't I do this sooner?"

It's like guitar lessons. Or learning to play golf. You always wish you had started earlier in your life so you might be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor now. Creating your e-commerce website, whether it's for a brand new idea or a legacy business, shouldn't be a project for tomorrow. It's a project best done today, and a project best done with a great partner.

Customers have been trained to buy online at unprecedented levels over the last year, and chances are that your brick-and-mortar prospects aren't what they once were. That doesn't mean the business is doomed or that brick-and-mortar won't come back. It means it's time to diversify the ways in which your business reaches customers. Put it this way: there's no reason to fish an empty pond when there's a stocked pond within walking distance.

So get online, and get back to selling. You know your business better than anyone on the planet. We know e-commerce. We've lived it, having created several multi-million dollar e-commerce businesses for ourselves. We'd love the opportunity to help you take your business to the next level, and next time the unexpected strikes, you'll be the one smiling about your foresight.

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